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A Typical Day

Every day, children at Segray are exposed to a variety of developmentally appropriate activities, which include art, music, dance, Spanish, gardening, and yoga. We believe that anything that can be worked on inside can also be brought outside, for a more nurturing and nature based learning experience.

Learning-centered- intrinsically motivating and rewarding.Hands On - promotes sensory exploration.Inclusive-connects children of all cultures, all ages, and all skill levels.Socially Bonding- provides interesting things to talk about and work on together.Emotionally uplifting - builds self-efficacy and self-esteem.Physically stimulating- promotes fine and gross motor skills.Integrative - allows for seamlessly incorporating science, math, reading, social studies, and the arts.Aesthetically Appealing-offers opportunities to create and appreciate beauty.
— Young Children, November 2009