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The Segray Program and The Outdoor Classroom

The Segray Preschool Program was designed for the individual child, creating a loving and nurturing environment where children blossom and discover a love for learning. We offer a two, three or five day a week program. Children do not have to be potty trained. Segray is  a developmental program and children learn at a pace that is right for them.


At Segray we utilize the Outdoor Classroom. Our prime locations in Los Angeles means great weather, which allows us play and learn outside year round. We also have amazing indoor classrooms for various activities, and for those rainy days that we cannot be outside.

About Our Founders…

Annette Gladstone

Annette Gladstone has been a part of early childhood education in Los Angeles since 1986. Annette has worked her way up from a preschool teacher to becoming the owner of Segray Preschool. Segray is named after her two sons, that were a big part of her inspiration to create a loving environment for young children. Annette is a prized mentor for many students from various schools around the East side, such as LACC, Evans Adult School, Franklin, and Marshall High Schools as well as UCLA and Santa Monica College.

Establishing a developmentally appropriate environment for students of all ages comes naturally to her, and Annette strives to create a love for learning in each and every child. Additionally, Annette works to form strong and long-lasting relationships with parents and the community, critical components to high-quality early childhood education.

Steve Heller

While professionally, Steve has over 30 years of successful leadership in entrepreneurial and high-growth businesses in a variety of executive capacities, his life has provided him experiences and opportunities that shape who he is. Having lived and worked on three continents influences his broad view of the world and education; his experience as a collegiate athlete and high school football coach influences his view of teamwork and commitment; most importantly, his love of fatherhood influences his view on life’s priorities and pleasures.

In working to find the right schools for his son, Steve learned how difficult it was to find an environment that would accommodate every type of learning style. He always knew one day he would step into the education field to create that setting he was not able to find for his son. Steve is passionate about creating a school that builds a strong foundation that will last throughout a child’s educational career and beyond.


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“Why blend the classroom curriculum with the outdoor play space? Children learn best by doing. The outdoors, weather permitting, offers children as much opportunity for active learning as they have indoors. The outdoor environment can offer rich learning experiences not found indoors. The play yard is full of wonderful things for children to experiment, discover, and explore. In a well-planned outdoor environment, children do much more than run, climb, and ride bikes. They notice the weather, insects, plants, and everything going on around them. Their curiosity is stimulated as they seek answers to their questions about new discoveries.”
— Mary Studer